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If you have a large company or even manage a small corporation you will probably have to work with several other people and getting to know everyone can take time. With the CodeTwo Active Directory Photos you will be able to get to know your peer employees much easier.

When you have several employees it can always be difficult to learn everyone’s name but with the CodeTwo Active Directory Photos you will be able to create employee directories. This tool makes it easy for you to add a face to a name by creating directories of employees along with their photo.

This tool lets you add pictures beside the names of each person in your directories. You can also use the CodeTwo Active Directory Photos to your company’s emailing system so that each person has their own signature in emails.

CodeTwo Active Directory Photos is designed to let you easily upload users' photographs to Active Directory, manage the and edit according to your needs. Even hundreds of employees' photos can be auto-adjusted and uploaded to Active Directory's thumbnailPhoto property. Owing to this free application, bulk photo changes and Active Directory photo uploads can be done with a few clicks and they do not require using Import-RecipientDataProperty cmdlet command any more. The user interface of CodeTwo Active Directory is clear and logical.

In large organizations, photographs added to internal e-mails may be the best way to let employees recognize each other and to make their conversation more tangible and natural. CodeTwo Active Directory enables to add pictures to internal Outlook 2010 messages and display them in GAL (Global Address List) and contacts. Photographs can also be included in external messages' signatures to allow clients to see who they are corresponding with. It may be a good idea then to create a unified, beautiful e-mail signature template for all employees. It would display appropriate photographs ascribed to every staff member.

Adding photos to multiple e-mail signatures is simple if you insert Active Directory (AD) placeholders to your e-mail template. This feature imports data from AD and automatically supplies the signatures with a suitable content - employees' photos in this case. You can activate this function using CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. It includes a user-friendly template editor, containing a wide list of applicable AD Dynamic Fields. Both CodeTwo Active Directory Photos and a trial version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can be downloaded from CodeTwo's website for free.

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Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / SBS 2008 / .NET Framework 2.0

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